This article is only relevant if you have Breadwinner Multi-Org. If you don't have Breadwinner Multi-Org, this article will not help you and may clutter your interface. Only follow these instructions if you have Breadwinner Multi-Org.


Please be aware that, as you attempt to show additional fields, if you have problems fully exposing these fields (for example, they are visible when editing your page layout, but don't appear when you view the actual page) then you may need to read our article, Breadwinner Fields not Visible. This is because the fields you are trying to see were added to Breadwinner after you first installed it, and due to Salesforce security, you may have to take additional steps to view those fields. If, however, you just installed Breadwinner, then this should not be an issue.

Multi-Org Fields

Some fields are only relevant if you are connecting to more than one Xero or QuickBooks Online org. For instance, there's no need to show your accounting org name as there is only one!

But, you may wish to expose these fields if you setup Multi-Org.

Account and Opportunity Page Layouts

On the Account and Opportunity page layout, you can edit the related lists so that the accounting package name is visible when looking at the Invoices.

(the above shows Xero, but this is the same if you have Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online).

To add this, click the Wrench (Spanner), and move the Xero Org Name (or QuickBooks Online Org Name) out of Available Fields to Selected Fields, and click Save.

You will want to do this on both the Account and Opportunity Page Layouts.

Invoice Views

You may wish to edit the Invoice Views to show Xero Org Name / QuickBooks Online Org Name.