Breadwinner creates Salesforce Accounts at two times.

  1. During the user-initiated process called the initial Account Sync, immediately after installing Breadwinner
  2. On an ongoing basis whenever we discover a new Company in your accounting system that we have never seen before.

State and Country Picklists

This is a great feature where your company can set the allowed values in the State and Country fields. However, these allowed values are specific to your company, and what you have may not be what another company has for allowed values. As such, it's a bit tricky for us to code for this.

How we handle this

We try to handle this gracefully at all times. If we attempt to create a Salesforce Account for either of the two reasons listed in above, and this creation fails because of a Validation Issue potentially caused by State and Country Picklists, then we attempt to create this Salesforce Account again but this time with blank values for the state and country.

However, most people create the Salesforce Account first and then create a company in their accounting system later when they create the first Invoice for that Salesforce Account. If this is how your business process works with Breadwinner, then there will be no impact of State and Country Picklists.


State and Country Picklists will not cause any explicit issues with Breadwinner. However, if we create a Salesforce Account using a company in your Accounting system as the basis for that Account, and State and Country picklists prevent it's creation, we'll just create that SF Account with blank values in State and Country.